CAD Forms


Agricultural, Wildlife & Land Miscellaneous
Agricultural 1-d-1 Application Change of Mailing Address
Agricultural Guidelines Request for Confidentiality
Appraisal of Recreation Park and Scenic Land Request for Information
Guidelines for Wildlife Management Request to Combine or Split Property
Open Space Land Appraisal for Ecological Laboratories Miscellaneous Tax Exemption
Texas PWD Wildlife Management Plan Deferrals 
Wildlife Management Annual Report Tax Deferral Affidavit Over 65 Disabled Homeowner
Residential Real Property Inventory Rendition
Wildlife Management Intensity Standards Exemptions
Beekeeping Guidelines Physicians Statement
General Exemption Information
Appointment of Agent Request to Cancel Port Exemption to New Residence
Appointment of Agent Form
Revocation of Appointment of Agent Homestead Exemption
General Residence Homestead Exemption
Property Taxpayer Remedies Other Exemptions
Protest Form Disabled Veteran’s or Survivor’s Exemption
Affidavit For Protest Hearing Cemetery Property Tax Exemption
Chamber Of Commerce
Business Personal Property Primarily Charitable Organization
Business Personal Property Rendition of Taxable Property Religious Exemption Form
General Rendition of Personal Property Private School Property Tax Exemption
Late Rendition Penalty Waiver Request Form Historical Exemption Form
Extension Request Form Charitable Organization Exemption Application
2018 Percent Good Depreciation Schedule Youth Development Organization Exemption
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration Non-Profit Water Supp. or Wastewater Service Corp Exemption
Vehicle Exemption Application Form
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Statement
Lessee’s Affidavit of Primary Non Income Producing Vehicle Use
Going Out of Business Sale Permit Application