Answers to Your Tax Statement Questions

November Contribution to the Bandera Bulletin

#2 Answers to Your Tax Statement Questions

Wendy M. Grams – Chief Appraiser

Tax statements were mailed, on or around October 15th from the tax office and both the tax office and the appraisal district have started receiving questions.  The questions are the same as most years but since we are all watching our bottom lines and costs it is totally understandable.

Your property taxes are necessary to our community, but you shouldn’t pay more than your fair share and sometimes receiving the annual tax statement can be something of a shock.  I’d like answer some of the questions we have already received this season in case other have the same questions.

The number one questions we’ve has so far relates to adjusting your property value to lower your taxes.  If you didn’t contact us when you received your Notice of Appraised Value this spring, we probably cannot change your value and reduce the amount of your property taxes this year.  Under the Texas Property Tax Code, there are only a couple of specific instances that allow for value changes after property values are certified to the taxing entities, usually in July.

If you received a statement for property that did not exist within the boundaries of Bandera County on January 1, please contact us.  With proof that the mobile home or business personal property was located in another county, we can remove the property from the appraisal roll and tax records.  If you believe the appraisal district erred in the valuation of your property and the error is greater than one-third, you can file a Property Owner’s Motion for Correction of Appraisal Roll (Form 50-771).

Upon our receipt of this completed Comptroller form, you will be scheduled for a hearing at the Appraisal Review Board’s next available scheduled meeting and you can present evidence supporting your claim of error.  Call us for more information, or visit the comptroller’s website at

There is one other way to reduce your tax amount.  Check your tax statement carefully to confirm you are receiving all of the exemptions for which you qualify.  I you owned and occupied your home as your primary residence on January 1 of this year, a homestead exemption will reduce your tax amount by approximately 20 percent.

There are additional exemptions if you are over the age of 65, if you are disabled, or if you are a veteran with a service-connected disability.  We will need your current Texas-issued driver’s license with the mailing address that matches the property’s location address and it only takes a few minutes to apply.

If your tax statement is not correct or you have not received statement on all of your properties, please contact the Bandera County Tax Assessors office at 830-796-3731 or  Because all ownership, exemption, and value changes are audited, it can take several weeks to receive a corrected tax statement from the tax office.  Taxes unpaid on February 1 will accrue penalties and interest.

The Central Appraisal District of Bandera County makes every effort to ensure your property is appraised at market value.  We are ready to talk with you regarding any aspect of your rights or responsibilities as a tax payer.  We are also available to answer any question you may have regarding your property in Bandera County.  Most of the records in our office are public information and readily available.  Come by the office at 1206 Main Street, call us at 830-796-3039 or email at

If you are the “Do It Yourself” type, please visit our website at  You can search for properties by owner name, property address or account number.  There are also appraisal district annual reports, information brochures, and answers to frequently asked questions, as downloadable appraisal and mapping files available at no cost.